Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sunday Setlist for 9/27/09

Tim Hoak preached on Christ's righteousness from Phil 3:7-9. Really clear, excellent. This was Friend Sunday, so the emphasis was particularly on making the gospel clear. Dave Malone led the music.

Walk in Song
Only Your Mercy (only your grace)

1st Set
O My Soul, Arise and Bless Your Maker
Jesus thank you

b/4 sermon
Power of the Cross
Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness

Pastor Sam continued his exposition of Romans, this time from 3:21-31, on the heart of the heart of the book of Romans -- God's righteouness by the work of Christ.

There is a fountain

My hope is built
Wonderful cross (Tomlin's chorus, but used a different hymn by Watts, what he calls "Salvation in the Cross")
In christ alone

b/4 sermon
Give me Christ

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