Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday Setlist for October 30, 2011

This Lord's Day the sermon themes kind of run together. In the evening Pastor Mark preaches from Exodus 3-4: our dependence on God. And PT preaches from Judges 14, on the Israelites and Samson) who should have realized their need of God - that satisfaction can only be found in our Redeemer and not the Philistines. (I found one who titled the chapter, "The Lion, the wench and the wardrobe"!)

Give to our God / duke street

His love can never fail (igrace)
Salvation belongs to our God LW
There is a Redeemer
Jesus, I am resting (igrace)

sermon hymn
I need thee ev'ry hour

Brandon led
I have a shelter from the storm
To the only God
rest of test