Monday, November 17, 2008

Come to the Waters

On Sunday evening we sang this hymn for the first time. It comes from a wonderful collection in which Jim Boice (words) collaborated with Paul Jones (music) -- in what turned out to be the last year of Dr. Boice's life (the Lord took him home in May, 2000). Check out "Hymns for a Modern Reformation" from Tenth Presbyterian Church/Philadelphia. These hymns are gold.

May the Lord give us more hymn writers who know their Bibles and theology, have a good poetic ear, and who convince us that they really know these things experimentally (as the puritans would say it). In other words, they speak of truths they believe and live. They walk with Christ and you can sense it in their lines. James Pettigrew Boice was, by God's grace, such a man. 

And may the Lord give us more (hymn) tunesmiths who not only know their craft well, but know what is singable in our generation, and have a feel for placing such words in musical settings that get right to our affections.

Come to the Waters
Come to the waters whoever is thirsty
drink from the Fountain that never runs dry
Jesus, the Living One offers you mercy
life more abundant in boundless supply
Come to the River that flows through the city
forth from the throne of the Father and Son
Jesus the Savior says "Come and drink deeply"
Drink from the pure inexhaustible One
Come to the Fountain without any money
buy what is given without any cost
Jesus, the gracious One welcomes the weary
Jesus, the selfless One, died for the lost
Come to the Well of unmerited favor
Stretch out your hand fill your cup to the brim
Jesus is such a compassionate Savior
Draw from the grace that flows freely from him
Come to the Savior, the God of salvation
God has provided an end to sin's strife
Why will you suffer the Law's condemnation?
Take the free gift of the water of life
Words: James P. Boice/ Music: Paul S. Jones / © 2000 TenthPres

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